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FANS Gender Studies Area Call for Editors

Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association Gender Studies Area

Call for Editors

The Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association is pleased to announce a Call for Editors in its new Gender Studies Area. This area will look at definition, acceptance, rejection, and expression of gender and sexuality in media and fandom, broadly construed.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Gatekeeper versus collaborative fandom
  • Enacting/Expressing gender in online communities
  • Gender expression/reinterpretation in fan works
  • Gendered media
  • Gendered fandom
  • (Mis)Representations of (trans)gender in media
  • Fandom onomastics
  • Sex and sexuality (mis)representations in media
  • Coded language and code-switching
  • Queer/Gendered vocal and non-vocal semiotics
  • Genderbent/Genderswapped cosplay
  • Transcending traditional gender/sexuality in media and fandom

Anyone, committee members and non-members alike, may submit a paper for consideration for our annual journal, The Phoenix Papers, and presentation at our conference, but committee members must meet certain qualifications.

Members must have an advanced degree or equivalent experience in gender studies and/or relevant fields within philosophy, literary studies, film studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, social work, or medicine. Persons from all nations are eligible to join the committee.

Principle duties of committee members:

  • Preparing an annual call for papers (CFP) for the FANS Conference and our peer-reviewed, open access journal, The Phoenix Papers (ISSN 2325-2316)
  • Promulgation and/or publication of same in relevant venues
  • Reviewing submitted papers and voting on acceptance
  • Editing accepted papers per the FANS Style Guide

To be considered for editorial committee membership, please submit a full professional CV/resume through our Contact Us page. FANS Gender Studies will go live in January 2018 or when the committee is fully established, whichever happens first.

Committee Members:

  • Stefanie Thomas, Chair, Ohio State University
  • J. Holder Bennett, Odessa College
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