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Call for Editors: FANS Asia Pacific

Fandom and Neomedia Studies – Asia Pacific

Call for Editors

The Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association is pleased to announce the creation of its first regional committee, FANS Asia Pacific. We have already hosted one successful conference event and have two more in current planning stages. To facilitate these efforts, we are publishing this Call for Editors. Members of the editorial committee would serve the overall FANS goals of “encouraging, assisting, and publishing fandom and neomedia research” with the Asia Pacific region and its peoples as the specific focus. Papers submitted to FANS AP conferences and for publication will be included in their own section in the FANS journal, The Phoenix Papers, until the FANS AP editors determine a need for an independent journal.

Editorial committee members must have or be pursuing a higher degree or equivalent in an area of the Asia Pacific Region (all nations in or bordering the Pacific Ocean, the Americas excepted), the peoples, cultures, customs, technologies, media, or performance thereof, or professional experience in one of those fields, or be an established authority in one of those fields. As submissions may arrive in any of several regional languages, applicants must be conversationally fluent in English plus at least one of the following: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Javanese, Tagalog, Maori, Hawaiian, Spanish, or French. Fluency in other languages will be considered on a case by case basis. Preference will be given to those who primarily reside or regularly work in the FANS AP Region.

Fandom and neomedia, for us, are broadly construed. Fandom may range from passive enjoyment of a media product to active engagement in cosplay, fan fiction, and other fan activities. Neomedia includes not just new media as generally understood, but also new ways of using or theorizing traditional media, art, and performance.

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • Clothing, costuming, and cosplay
  • Popular expressions of faith
  • Performing arts and associated neomedia
  • Sociological, anthropological, and ethnological studies
  • Biographical works of creators, innovators, and performers
  • Technology and associated materials and social effects
  • Fandom psychology and pathology
  • Modern adaptations of traditional or customary art forms
  • Translation, subtitling, and dubbing
  • (Mis)Representations of culture
  • The Asia Pacific Region’s place in the world
  • Interdisciplinary fandom and/or neomedia studies and activities

Anyone, committee members and non-members alike, may submit a paper for consideration for our annual journal, The Phoenix Papers, and presentation at our conferences.

Principle duties of committee members:

  • Preparing an annual CFP for the FANS Conference and our peer-reviewed, open access journal, The Phoenix Papers (ISSN 2325-2316), tailored for distribution across the FANS AP Region
  • Promulgation and/or publication of same in relevant venues
  • Reviewing submitted papers and voting on acceptance
  • Editing accepted papers per the FANS Style Guide
  • Preparation for an independent FANS AP journal should it become feasible and desirable among both the committee and contributors

To be considered for editorial committee membership, please submit a full professional CV/resume to us.

Current Committee Members:

  • Stefanie Thomas, Ohio State University, USA
  • Angelique Jurd, Massey University, New Zealand
  • J. Holder Bennett, FANS Chair, USA
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