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FANS Science and Technology Studies Area Call for Editors

Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association Science and Technology Studies Area

Call for Editors

The Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association is pleased to announce a Call for Editors for its new Science and Technology Studies Area. This area will examine the interaction between the fields of science and technology and fandom and neomedia, broadly construed. Topics might include science fiction becoming science fact, fictional technology being developed in the real world, (mis)representations of technology in media, or the use of real world science and technology in fiction.

We construe our field broadly, so topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Real world development of fictional technology
  • Citizen science
  • Developments in media technology
  • Online media sociology/anthropology
  • Hobbyists versus professionals
  • Effects of inaccurate science publishing
  • Uses of technology in fandom activities
  • (Mis)Representations of science and technology in media
  • Anti-science groups, real and fictional, and their effects on society
  • Meta-commentary on science and technology
  • Social responses to advances in science and technology
  • Wearable/Implantable media devices

Though anyone, committee members and non-members alike, may submit a paper for consideration to be included in our annual journal, The Phoenix Papers, and presentation at our conference, membership in the review committee has a few requirements.

Members must be current or retired persons in fields of science and technology, or have or be in pursuit of an advanced degree in a relevant field, or media creators who incorporate science and technology as important aspects of their work. Persons from all nations are eligible to apply.

Principle duties of committee members:

  • Preparing an annual call for papers (CFP) for the FANS Conference and our peer-reviewed, open access journal, The Phoenix Papers (ISSN 2325-2316)
  • Promulgation and/or publication of same in relevant venues
  • Reviewing submitted papers and voting on acceptance
  • Editing accepted papers per the FANS Style Guide

To be considered for editorial committee membership, please submit a full professional CV/resume via our Contact Us page. FANS Science and Technology will go live in August 2017 or when the committee is fully established, whichever happens first.

Committee Members:

  • Diana Harrelson Hubbard, PhD, University of North Texas, Chair
  • Aaron Herridge,, MS, Creighton University, Vice Chair
  • Holder Bennett, FANS Chair
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