Fandom and Neomedia Studies

The Phoenix Papers, Vol. 1, No. 1

Below are the entries of the first edition of The Phoenix Papers, Vol. 1, No. 1.  We are proud to put this out to the world as a free, online, peer-reviewed, open-access journal of fandom and neomedia studies.  We invite responses in Letter to the Editor format, articles and reviews, and also participation as submission readers.  For information on this and more, please use our Contact Us page.

Vol 1 No 1 Cover

Frontispiece, Letter from the Editor, and Mission & Vision Statements

Table of Contents

Film Review The Runaways by Penny Spirou

Game Review DrawSomething Amanda Murphyao

Book Review Fandom at the Crossroads by Margo Collins

Distinctive Language of Animation by Hiren Solanki

The Evolution of Gaming and How It Affected Society by Donovan Cape

The Evolution of Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming by Gregory Dugger

Are Pokemon Slaves or Willing Companions by Andrew Tague

Collaboration beyond the Game by Diana Hubbard

Gender, Sexuality, and Cosplay by Rachel Leng

Transnational Television, International Anxieties by Jessica Julia McGill Peters

Bringing Smexy Back by Elizabeth Birmingham

Closing Note

Note: The original version of Ms. Leng’s article contained errors introduced by the PDF conversion process and are now corrected.  We would like to thank Emma England for pointing out the error.

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